Professional Way of Writing CV as a teacher

Professional Way of Writing CV as a teacher

Each employer has a specific CV format for there job advert. And that is where employees do make mistakes. The CV they submitted for oil and gas job is the same CV they will submit for banking Job, which I considered out of the way.

If actually you want to write a Curriculum vitae, you should be able to coin your information to match what your employer is looking for. And the mode of writing a converting CV change often. But the main part most employers look out for in curriculum vitae is the sincerity part of it.

Be sincere with the information you provide in your CV and be ready to defend it at any point in it. Back in the days of my early graduation, I applied for banking job and I did not hear from them not until after almost a year or so. You can’t believe it was on phone the client was asking virtually everything I had written in my CV, to my humble surprise, I could not even remember the exact time or month I submitted my CV to the said organisation but the person told me he would get back to me later.

Few days after, the same call came in and he had to tell me “I am sorry”, the available job is for a national diploma (ND) or National certificate in Education (NCE) and not for BSc. So, I wasn’t disturbed because I was not even desperate about job then.

How To Write A Curriculum Vitae

Note that curriculum vitae simply means to summary your past up to your present in not more than 2-3 pages. Some firm will even mandate it that it should not more than 2 pages. And what is expected in it include your academic qualifications, professional certificate if any, skills, and the likes.

1. What Does CV actually contain?

This should be the first question to ask yourself before any other thing. You want to write a CV, you need to know what its contains. That is exactly what will give you the inspiration of what to write and how to write then in a proper way. Most time, when writing your CV or resume as most people call it, follow the format of the company you want to work with.

2. Know More About The School / Institution

If you want to stand out among the rest, you must be ready to offer what they cannot afford to offer. Try as mush as possible to know more about the company so that you will know how to tailor you CV to match there need. Which implies that, there is no standard CV format. All you need is know what your employers are in need of in terms of writing your CV and give it to them.

3. Take Time To Visit The School Website

Before you move close to your laptop at all, try as much as you can to visit the school’s website whether they have a proposed CV format. If they do, that makes the job easy for you and if they don’t, work on the knowledge you had about them by trying to know more about what they do in the previous point.

4. Write Relevant Hobbies

I wondered why on earth some one would tell me his or her hobbies are eat, dancing, clubbing and the likes. The question will no arise, that what has that got to do with the organisation? Are you coming in to start dancing or sleeping at work? No! Truly, they might be your hobbies but try to involve yourself in other skills or activities that will add value to your life and the company itself.

5. Poss At least A Skill

If I am an interviewer, this will be exactly where I will choose to screen most people out. Everybody is a professional in one way or the other. Find that way and make it your main man. Yes, that will make your employers need you the more. The best friend you could ever have is the one with undiluted knowledge. You can’t mingle with negative people and expect positive result and that is what most companies think. Don’t just write your curriculum vitae, write it in a way that it will attract your employer 


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